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High friction wheels for a sumo bot

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Well I just got the wheels yesterday, and, after playing with them, they seem to be holding extremely well. They have great traction as I had hoped, and with just 2kg they do not compress anywhere near enough for their to be a problem. I think these will do just fine.

Thanks for all the information about making wheels and what the various considerations are!

Hello all,
I was recently working on that theme and viewing other options for creating customized sumo wheels.

I used

* Vytaflex 20 urethane rubber
* Pololu 6mm mounting aluminium hubs
* self-made wheels hubs
I realize that some of the important aspects to have the best wheels are:

* maximize the area of contact
* Fabricate a new tires for each competition to avoid degradation
* Clean the rubber with alcohol after each battle
The results are great, increasing the traction because of the high friction of the material. You can see the pic attached  :)
For more pictures of the process and explanations of how it was made can be found here:
best Regards

Can someone help me for this project ?


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