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Wanna try my webcam robot over the Internet?

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--- Quote from: airman00 on October 01, 2007, 10:18:32 AM ---By the way beautiful website and idea!

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Thanks  :)

Its a greate hobby.

I sit at home alone and suddenly someone contact me from the other side of earth in MSN and ask for a test drive.
Then I let him log in and my robot is moving around in my house and when I sit there I know that the guy that drive it is sometimes under me on the other side of earth.

Its a strange feeling.

MSc Magi

I like that feeling to...
But i stopped doing that once the robot kept crashing into walls and for privacy reasons....

Nice work!


How does this work? What is the controlling device which connects to the internet? i.e. What plugs into your computer and what does it do? [exact spec would be nice, but basic gist of it is also ok]

How have you interfaced it over the internet? Is it a PHP script or jsp or something?

This is an awesome project, good effort!

Has anyone else made Internet controllable robots? What did they do?

I did, too lazy to explain            :P

check my blog for information.

If you have any other questions just PM me or email me, its no trouble at all to me.

Guys, I really apologize about not posting newer pics and videos of my butler robot. I'm stuck in school building a robot for a competition.

I still like to build telerobotic robots and here are my latest versions.

If anyone have to many LEGO Mindstorms EV3 / NXT or arduino or raspberry pi laying around and want to have
robots in a room controlled from all over the world,
then I can explain how to set it up.

There are now, what I know, two telerobotic game projects.
One in Kiev/Ukraine but probably not active now.
and one in Finland

If anyone know of any more please let me know.

Last week I got a solution to be able to control a robot with a phone on it to work on a 4G/5G phone and a 3G/4G/5G  network.
I can put my robots anywhere in the world and log in from the other side of earth and remote control it.  :)

Anyone want to drive around in Peru on a Inca site or any other place?
Let me know and I can send a robot there and we can log in and drive around there   :D 

Regards from Sweden


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