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Bluetooth progrmming in C
« on: March 22, 2012, 06:04:54 AM »
Hello all,  :)
i need some help from u.

My new project is on Bluetooth programming for that i have "Bluecontrol Evalatution board with Bluecontrol". See it from this link.


I had connect this Eval-board with RS232 to my PC (COM3-SPP Slave, COM5-BS config). So for Teraterm connection i m using COM3.

Another i have "Bluetooth USB Dongle".This i had also connected with my Pc bcoz to give Bluetooth to my PC. See it from this link.


The task is i send one file from Bluecontrol to my PC (via Bluetooth). how can i do this? If anyone know then pls tell me the possible ways to perfome this task.

I m working woth Win-7.
I had experience for microcontroller programming, but first time i m doing Bluetooth programming, so may be i m going in wrong way.pls suggest me for this. I had read much in Internet, but still not getting the perfect way to go furture.

pls share ur ideas and suggestions for fulfil this task.

thanks in advance.

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Re: Bluetooth progrmming in C
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2012, 01:30:03 PM »
Use the com port to send the data.. write some program on both sides to handle sending and receiving data correctly.. the program on pc must analyse the data ending part and then save the data to computer as a file..
u may go for QT c++ for the pc software!

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Re: Bluetooth progrmming in C
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2012, 11:50:49 AM »
Don't think of it as bluetooth programming.  You're programming for serial ports/COM ports/UART that are connected.  You just happen to have a wireless connection in between the computer and Bluecontrol thing.

You can deal with serial ports in pretty much any language.

(disclaimer: I didn't look at your links at all; assuming the Bluecontrol stuff uses the bluetooth serial port profile)

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Re: Bluetooth(UART) progrmming in C
« Reply #3 on: March 26, 2012, 03:18:40 AM »
Thanks vipersnh & Gertlex for reply.
@vipersnh i m using COM3 port for sending Data. the problem is i don't know where & how to write program.
I know C programming, but first time i m doing serial(UART) programming. so i don't know much abt this.

I want to send one Data file from my BT control to PC (via Bluetooth). For that i think i have to write 1 programm in Controller to send Data file.
otherthing is in Datasheet of Control written that "No special s/w needed". I don't need QT c++, then the problem is where i have to write programm & how can i install this programm into Controller?

@Gertlex thank u very much for clearing my thoughts , from now it's UART programming not Bluetooth programming.  how can i deal with serial prots ? pls read above & help me further.


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