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I have been trying to find video of this guy for like a year now . . .

This robot squid uses sinusoidal motions of the side fin thingies for propulsion . . . steering is done by differential drive, and diving is done by sinking (its negatively bouyant, I believe)

"Developed by Osaka university it is 1 meter in length and has a servo motor on each side which move the rubber fins. As it is very thin it can easily enter hard to access areas like trenches etc. It is powered by battery which lasts for 3 hours."

I cant seem to relocate the homepage which has amazing pics on it . . .

polar bear6:
soon we will have big robotic squids like those in Red Alert 2!
or were they alive? because the Americans had the dolphins, maybe they where alive but they were big and mean.

That's sweet.  The motion is so smooth.   I bet they're only driving it from the ends, allowing the middle bit's to follow elastically.

Or maybe it's a cam shaft thing.


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