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omni drives


looks like an impressive chassis . . . definitely a complex design . . . inspiring too . . . although the video makes it look less than impressive i think . . .

video (70mb)

they have a similar robot here made by the same people:

doesnt seem to work that much different than my old bot i made

The video took too long to load on my laptop, so I moved down to watch your video of Taurus 2 instead. Nice, smooth motion control! It does kind of bring to mind the design of the Mars Rover. I enjoyed seeing the Roomba at work at the same time Taurus was following the line.

Apparently Azimut doesn't do stairs, but it's quite adept at dragging lazy frenchmen around in their office chairs.

What scared me is that it took 2 guys to lift it off the pedestal... ooof!

It's basically a hybrid of the 4-point omni-directional movement approach (ala Taurus2, etc.), coupled with the split-track traction you see in a lot of today's robots (usually a triangular front section that can move up/down to climb obstacles).

I think if they added another joint to make the leg more insect like it would be great.
What I mean is a leg joint between it's boddy and tank tread....then it would for sure be able to walk any where
it couldn't travel by tank action.


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