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Ball collecting robot


sir....can any one suggest any simple robot...which can be able to collect balls and finally put it into a basket...i did mt ordinary ball collecting bot and i am finding it difficult to lift my as to put the balls into ther basket.i use d ty motors in order to lift my bot but it was an unsuccessfull one...can you please suggest me any other mechanism so that i can go through that....I very much interested in doing that and i dont want to withdraw myself..please help me...i am doing my engg..1st year.Eagerly waiting for your
positive reply...

Did you calculate for forces? I used to make my robots without doing the math, and often I would end up wasting tons of time and money building something that inherently wouldnt work.

Basic force calculation:

If you give us details on your robot (pics, drawings, forces required, motors used, etc.), we might be able to help.

Using a robot arm? These might help:


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