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Looking for tracks, cog wheels and motors

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Hey, we are making a robot at school.
Since we are 17 year old electronic student we don't know much about mechanics and stuff.
We are making a robot controlled by micro controller and rs232 trough the internet.
We want to let it drive on tracks.
Easyest would be if we could get motors that work on 5volts and only use about 20mA.
What would you suggest on using (what sort of motors) and do you know some stores where we can buy this.

Thanks in advance.

How much $$ are you willing spend?

What rpm and torque do you need?

20mA is an extremely small amount for any motor (unless you are building a microrobot) . . . expect 200mA at least.

I recommend using a servo . . .

The problem is that we are going to use a micro controller to control the motors.
The micro controller wont be able to send a 200mA signal. Should we use a relay or something?

Thanks in advance.

Yea, you should never power a motor directly from a microcontroller (it will fry the microcontroller). The microcontroller just outputs a signal, then you must use that signal as an on/off switch to a much larger power source.

You also cant use it to control a relay, as a relay is high current too.

Instead, you should use one of these options:

servo (has its own circuitry built in)

motor driver IC, or motor controller

H-bridge (using mosfets) - the homemade method

Ok, thanks will discuss that and see what we will use.

Also i need some tracks and cog wheels. The length of the driving part should be about10-15cm, so i guess the cog wheels should be about 3-4cm diameter.

If anyone knows some webstores in europe that sell this, that would be nice.


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