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Motor strength (chosing motors)

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Just look at any motor specifications sheet. All motor spec sheets (at least the useful ones) include this information:

* voltage
* no load current
* stall current
* stall torque
* rpm or rps

so by my calculation two "AME 12v 88 in-lb gearmotor w/pinion (210-1009 - 210-1012)" motors (for diferencial drive) on this site ( the second motor) should be enough.

what about wheels?

Check the equation on that very same tutorial  :P

oh yea... thanks for all that info

so i was looking around for some cheap motors today, and i found this the "ML-50 50:1 Gearhead Motor" . i think it should be good for my statisfaction. i was thinking to buy four of them and place one on each wheel, should that be enough? (i know i have the formula but the units just confuze me ???).

oh and is it better to have four 12v regular electric (it think they are called dc motors) motors whit gearboxes or four "ML-50 50:1 Gearhead Motors"


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