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Motors for the robot in the tutorial

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It's a pain being here away from civilisation and wanting to build a robot. My question is, if I can't specifically buy motors for a robot, can I safely remove the motors from electric screwdrivers or windshield wipers and use that? All I want at the moment is to built that simple robot talked about on this site's first tutorial.
There is a store here that sells tiny step motors, but I don't understand them at all yet. They have two models:

Model 1 (Japanese made by OKI) for $45, step angle: 7.5º
feed: 24V
Torque: 0.03 Nm  (No idea what Nm is)

Model 2 for $35, step angle: 18º
feed: 6V
Torque: 0.5 cNm  (No idea what that is either)

For model 1 I can also buy an optional "power driver" whatever that is. Which one do I get?

I suppose I can get the wheels from some old toy.

Some people also say to get motors from floppy drives or vcrs, but aren't those supposed to be AC?

well a 24V motor wont work, cause putting 24V on a robot is a pain (a lot of battery weight)

the 6V one is ok, but somewhat weak (cNm is centi-newton meters, or newton meters divided by 100). the 18º step is poor resolution though, meaning it will work but be jerky.

one day ill write a good stepper motor tutorial, but the place holder page will sorta explain how they work . . .

the motors from electric screwdrivers and windshield wipers will work fine, but may draw a lot of power so you may have problems finding a motor driver. windsheild wiper motors run aroun 12-13.5V, and draw like 4A of current. your best bet will be the screwdriver motor.

floppy drives and vcrs, although they get power from AC mains, convert the power to DC to run. they probably wont be geared motors, and will be weak, so not very useful.

i would say hook up two powered screwdrivers by hacking the power wires to your bot.

I will look tomorrow for a suitable motor, then, even if it turns out to be from a toy car. I want 2 motors and only have one electric screwdriver. Since electric screwdrivers are a luxury item here in the Land of the Lost, I will not take my only one apart...I thought I'd find more here for sale but they dont have them.

On the other hand, wiper motors are easy to find, and so are power windows motors. The problem is they are usually used and in need of some cleaning....

Also, took apart a electric pencil sharpener...the motor turned out to be AC....sigh

Today I took apart a dead scanner and salvaged some junk from it, including a motor.

The motor has a few gears on it, and a 4-wire small white ribbon cable with the topmost being light blue.

Behind the motor is a sticker that says:
2090 1G.
Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd. China

Is this a DC motor?

Anyway, I had enough to buy one stepper motor, a 23LM-C004. So that is coming in the mail this month.... said there the torque was which I hope is a good thing.


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