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My robot taking its first (and wobbly) steps

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What kind of computer are u using for his brain?

Right now he is running on an old and really slow laptop. I've been using that while coding him so currently it is also running his scripts when he is powered on. Later this spring I will be buying one of those mini PC's for him, so when I have a stable version that I want him to use, I can just transfer it over to that and have a small lightweight PC that I can just have in my backpack or something when I bring him somewhere. The microcontroller uses wifi to connect to a computer so there's no need for it to be physically inside the robot.

thanks for reply.
i bet if you had grips to him it would look way better when he walks.    :) going good!

Yeah you're absolutely right. I'm planning on adding some better material under his feet to give them better traction. Now that I have recently upgraded him with new joints and new servos, that will also help a lot with his walking in the future.


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