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Do a search on youtube here:

This one was really innovative, a four-legged biped!

3 servo biped!

My new goal in life is go to Japan and compete in this Robo-One event thing. But with no remote control, cooler that way . . .

Way better than american battlebots too . . .

Who wants to start one in the US?

That variable-geometry bot (the four-legged biped) was really slick, never seen anything quite like it.

I'm all about autonomous robot competitions, and I'm also completely behind the idea of a more humanoid bot competitions, but the problem is the two don't really mix well yet. There's no way to get people outside of robotics terribly excited about the kind of things you can currently program a humanoid robot to do autonomously. Well, non-japanese people, anyway.

But putting the problems aside, I'd love to see a humanoid robolympics. Some events I think could be pulled off currently:

Track-and-field events
-50dm dash (running in a straight line)
-200dm run (on an oval track)

indoor events
-sumo (points for ring-out)
-Wrestling (points for pins)
-Boxing (points for any KD; fight with hands/arms only)
-Kickboxing (points for KD; anything goes)
-floor routines - just a chance to show off general dexterity, speed, agility, and balance of your bot

... that's all that comes to mind at the moment. Other track-and-field events like pole vault or hurdles would be awesome, but at present I doubt a humanoid bot could pull either off. Same goes double for other gymnastic events (balance beam, vault, etc) It might be a good idea to add a third set of events specifically for robots, with things like tag, hide-and-seek, and maze-solving. could give medals for each event, best in category, and best overall, each for individual and for teams. Limit each team, to perhaps a max of 4 bots? Each must compete in all events in at least one category (track and field or indoor events), and any bot may compete in all events from both categories.

I'll stop myself before this post turns into a 50-page rulebook for an imaginary event, but I like the idea. ;)


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