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the world!

So yea, if robots take over the world, it will be OUR robots and therefore OUR world  ;)

Big O is an awesome series. Unfortunately, dispite the very American feeling animation style, it was in fact a Japanese series. Remember, though, that even the distinctive signature style of Anime is just a decades-removed evolutionary offshoot of early Disney animation, hence the huge, western-feeling eyes. Therefore, all Anime has American roots, if you think deep enough. ;)

The coolest Anime series of all time: RoboTech
The one where I draw most of My (current) inspiration from : Ghost in the Shell
Lovable AI mini tanks:

nothing more lovable than a robot with guns, claws, a cloaking device . . . and the voice of a cute little 5 year old!

don't forget "spider" capeablility!


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