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toughts, comments?

Pretty cool, they didn't show it well but I think it did a cartwheel at one point which was pretty slick. The high bar routine was clever and somewhat original (seemed so to me anyway, may be a common thing in Japan), but didn't seem terribly impressive to me.

Amusing how all the servo manufacturers are making humanoid robots . . . Hitec and robonova, futaba and its unnamed ugly robot biped thing, and now JR with its not so creatively named RB1000  (robot 1000) :P

At least I can sorta figure out mechanical design from all these pretty japanese squiggles (and also the images, too)
It also has a pic of the electronics and battery, along with other useful specs

babel fish sorta works

If you need more coherent translation of Japanese I can work on snipits but I don't have time to do whole pages.....and if it's really necessary I can ask some of my Japanese friends to help.


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