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Wii Nunchuck Controlled Robot

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Can you guide me with the construction of charlie? i mean does it use Arduino as well? how did you interface so many servos there? I'm really sorry for my ignorance but i'm new to Arduino..... please help

And also that i never used RF modules before, can you guide me with the connections? rx and tx is fine, but the other connections....sorry again for my ignorance  :(


--- Quote ---I suggest you buy , there's no point in making a connector my original way now
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I just bought a couple of these wii nunchucks, if you do cut them the wires inside aren't the same colours as those of the original parts. If you pull apart the connector you can see what colour on goes to which pin on the connector and check it against the original part. Its only a five minute job to do but don't get freaked out if you open it and the colours are different!

looks like you need to make a tutorial


--- Quote from: SmAsH on January 10, 2008, 06:10:24 PM ---lol i told my friend and now he hates you for dishonouring the wii  ;D oh well freakin wiked tho

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Thats not dishonoring the Wii. Actually, Nintendo may want to copy his idea likewith the little RC Mario Cart things. BTW Great Idea!


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