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Author Topic: Dual shaft motor  (Read 4870 times)

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Dual shaft motor
« on: March 31, 2010, 06:31:37 AM »

Does anybody knows where can i buy Dual shaft 12v motor in size 540. Well, i have robotic platform that is using Tamiya 540 std motor (7.2v) but doesnt have back shaft extended.
This one seems like the perfect choice: Mabuchi Motors 12VDC RS-540SH-32105 Dual Shaft. Most important features are hole sizes, 1/8" (3.128mm) shaft diameter, and of course the torque/rpm. I have 4wd with 2 motors and mass of the whole platform is around 3kg. So basically i dont need some high torque motor.

But i cant find that Mabuchi motor anywhere, at least in the shop that shipps international.

Any alternatives, or shop suggestions ?



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