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Author Topic: About to start constructing my first robot, it's an autonomous sumo bot, tips?  (Read 2382 times)

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So, as the title said, I'm about to start on the construction for my first robot, I've got it all designed out, it's a pretty simple wedge driven with two drill motors.

So basically, as this is my first time with any sort of robotics I'm just wondering if any of the veterans on here have any general advice, or stuff I should watch out for in terms of actually constructing the robot.

So, the biggest thing I think I should be accounting for is that my robot's drill motors have almost 4x the power output of the other robot's servos (Hardly fair, I know.) So I'm figuring that it should be relatively easy to wrap this up assuming I don't botch the construction.

So If you've got any tips on things like how to get the scoop really low, or positioning my sensors (1 ping, 2 range finders) Please let me know


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