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Hmmm well I dont have anything against preprogrammed actions, as it is a very powerful tool to get 'intelligent' actions with less electronic hardware. But I hesitate to call it a robot unless it is autonomous, meaning no remote control . . .

The main reason why I havnt built a walker yet is:

* 10+ servos can get expensive
* battery technology is still too heavy and not enough lifetime for 10+ servos
* a microcontroller+supporting electronics needs to be made super small/light . . . a skill i dont have yet

Well, just as soon as I win the lottery (extremely unlikely, since I never buy tickets), I'll damn the cost and build a humanoid bot that's up to the task.

The trick is to remember the square-cube rule; you can't get caught up in a cycle of bulking up your servos, which requires more power, leading to bigger batteries, which makes it heavier, requiring bigger servos... sometimes you can't win that battle, and you have to go smaller instead. This is why these tiny bots, while not as smart as Asimo, are actually (proportionally) quicker and more agile in their movements (though their small brains make their movements less graceful and coordinated) Unfortunately, making smaller components is beyond the ability of most hobby roboticists; we just have to wait for the steady march of technology.


Seems like a good start to a distributed microcontoller setup...program them all up to be controlled on i2c from a gumstix( and give it a little bit of the smarts (PID or fuzzy control) so the gumstix can focus on highlevel Python, clisp or C++ AI section.

But alas wheeled robots are the easiest and most versatile for small bots.


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