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the thread regarding projects requiring time and money you do not have

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my robots are at

and i did write a tutorial on how to get money for robots, sorta.
its on the how to build a robot page for beginners, like the 2nd or 3rd paragraph.

hmmm maybe i should write one a little more detailed? or do you think that is good enough?

well... heres a helluva idea... not terribly creative, in fact, i think i mightve seen it somewhere before. but i digress. anyway, does anyone have an idea how i could wire my 1992 ford tempo 2 door manual transmission car to be remote driven? i was knida thinkin some kind of motor in the power steering or something, and sillenoids (im pretty sure i spelled that wrong) on the stick shift. and some doohicky or other to push the gas and clutch and brakes and crap... anybody got any thoughts on this? and is this legal? thanks


--- Quote ---hmmm maybe i should write one a little more detailed? or do you think that is good enough?
--- End quote ---

Maybe a little more information on who you would go to to apply for a grant...
mind you, it would probably be different for different countries

--- Quote ---well... heres a helluva idea...
--- End quote ---
I saw a clip of that on mythbusters actually... I think they just had an H-bridged motor operating the steering wheel, but I didn't see what they had workin the pedals.  I think the best way would be to screw physically pushing the pedals, and rig up a way to do their work inside the engine with some electrically controlled valves or some shit.  I think you'd want an automatic to make it remote control, because to operate a stick with solenoids or motors would be one hell of a bitch.  Itd be one hell of a toy tho, ill tell ya that

yea i saw it on mythbusters too. they ripped out the steering wheel and put a geared motor in its place. i dont remember the pedals or anything else . . . but i do remember them using an RC controller. i dont think solenoids would have the travel distance for pedals tho . . . perhaps a hydraulic piston thing?

its at the bottom of this page

grated_geek 3000!:
Yeah.  I think they used a hydraulic thingy for the pedals.  I have that episode taped on VHS somewhere, give me a few years to find it.


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