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Title: Be warned of
Post by: Andrew D on June 27, 2015, 04:27:13 PM
Just want to warn those who need to get parts quickly. I recently ordered stepper motors from and paid Second Day Air. Ordered them on Tuesday just after noon.
Parts were desperately needed for the weekend, so I called Robotshop prior placing an on line order. Was assured that parts would leave next day (I was hoping for same day shipment), but it still gave it plenty of time.
Well... today is Saturday and no parts. Tracking shows that parts were picked up by UPS on THURSDAY 6PM - two days after I placed my order !!!
Well done Robotshop! Well done. Before parts arrive the team that needed the motors will fly out to Europe.
On Monday, after the motors arrive they will go straight to a trash can... no need for them.

So... unless you can wait forever, think twice before ordering from Robotshop.
Title: Re: Be warned of
Post by: mklrobo on June 28, 2015, 07:51:39 AM
 ;D Hello!
I am sorry about your experience with Robotshop, but there may be a solution. If you
could post the type of stepper motors and cost on your forum page here, maybe someone
would buy them.(?) (collect on delivery?) Since time is not an option for some people, you probably
 can recoup your investment, and at least, not lose money. Just a thought, trying to help. ;)
Title: Re: Be warned of
Post by: Andrew D on June 29, 2015, 07:46:49 PM
Thank you but didn't get the motors. In this case money was not an object anyway. The motors had to be on time to meet our deadline.
Robotshop replied today that they had a national holiday the day after the order was placed.
Poor excuse because prior placing an order I called them a was assured the parts would ship next day after ordering them.
What's more - they were shipping from their warehouse in Vermont. There was no national holiday in Vermont on June 24th... only in Quebec. Someone in Quebec did not pass the order to Vermont.

Anyhow... Robotshop retracted the shipment after I complained (without consulting with me he he he  ;). That just shows how professional they are. I'll get a refund but that's nothing - I lost thousands because of their negligence. Not to mention time and aggravation. Got motors on Saturday from Amazon.
That was my last order from that place.
Title: Re: Be warned of
Post by: mklrobo on July 02, 2015, 02:38:39 PM
I am sorry for your loss, time and money. If your production (of whatever you are making) was
lost, your clients will not be happy either. No happy ending here, at all.
In the factory I worked in, we had a parts department that kept 3 vendors on any part that we
used. This was quite a feat, logistics wise, and was a big headache. :P However, the factory
kept running smoothly, so hats off to our parts department.  ;D
Just in time manufacturing can be quite costly, in time and money. Trust is a major factor, as presented by your experience. It may be to your advantage to keep more than one vendor on
a list, that would stop the experience from losing money that could damage the production.(client rep)
The endeavor would be a pain and time consuming; since this event you had, might be a singular
experience, it might not be a good investment in labor(?). Good Luck!!!   :) :D ;D