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Title: Track Completing Robot
Post by: logicboy on August 09, 2015, 05:29:09 AM
Hi guys! I am to construct a robot that goes around a track laid down for it *using black tapes as track sides*. It is to be autonomous, It is to complete it without stopping and it has to use a camera to do so. I am very new with the robot construction so I need some help. Which camera and mico-controller would you guys recommend that I use. I have a budget of about 300-400 dollars and about 6 months to do so. Also which are some of the other components that I would require.  :) Thanks!
Title: Re: Track Completing Robot
Post by: cyberjeff on August 09, 2015, 08:29:45 AM
You have a simple and a complex approach possible.

Simple would be 2 or 3 photocells with matching LEDs for illumination.

When the photocell on the right senses the dark line by sensing less light, it steers left. Most any microcontroller would work. Arduino Uno is easy to use.

If you have to use a camera, you will need more processing power. A Raspberry PI 2 is well supported and you can buy robot kits for them. Here is one that looks interesting: (

You will need everything in the bundle with the possible exception of the WiFi. So, a bit more than $200 and you would have everything you need with the shortest learning curve possible.