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Post by: woody01dw on September 27, 2016, 05:52:38 AM

Completely new to the forum and predominantly specialise in product design.  I currently work for a company designing a new product to be launched next summer.  We are having difficulty designing a circuit to support/run the product.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and there is scope to pay for any design/test work completed and assistance with future products.  Simple money!

Summary of requirement:
1) Motor required to drive a conveyor belt (torque equivalent to stretching a thick elastic band/catapult)
2) Motor speed to remain the same throughout
3) Motor required to complete 1 turn cycle of the conveyor belt
4) Be able to control the time between cycles (from 20 second intervals to 180 second intervals)
5) Motor is to be off during intervals
6) Simple interval control panel required for user convenience
7) Re-chargeable battery with at least 8 hours of product life (similar to re-chargeable remote control cars etc)
8) Simple/robust design for use with outdoor products (cheap to manufacture)

Simply put - you turn the product on, the motor turns the conveyor belt once, the motor then stops (for a period between 20 & 180 seconds), it then starts again and turns the conveyor belt once more... and so on and so on.  It must be able to do this for at least 8 hours on a re-chargeable battery.  It must also have a simple interval control system, be robust and therefore cheap to manufacture.

If you think you can help or require more information, please reply or email me directly at [email protected]

I look forward to working together.