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Title: Best MCU
Post by: Kylepowers on February 23, 2011, 02:21:14 PM
I was wondering if the Axon or Axon 2 would work for my project. I want to build a robot that can have up to 20 Servos also has 2 motors. I want the robot to be able to use a camera for object recognition and i want to be able to connect it wirelessly to a computer so that it can send sensor data to the pc which the pc will send back a command to tell the robot what to do. Is the axon or axon 2 good for this? If not then what do you recommend for a MCU for this project? Also what about the Roboard RB-110? would that be more what im looking for.

Thank you.
Title: Re: Best MCU
Post by: ballbreaker on March 11, 2011, 03:30:59 PM
well i thing the axon and axon 2 are one of the few mcu for hobbiest that can have 20 servos so i think thats what you are looking for
Title: Re: Best MCU
Post by: vinniewryan on March 11, 2011, 03:41:11 PM
Any I/O pin on any MCU can drive a servo motor, as long as the servo uses a pulse-width or serial input. If you're doing object recognition with a camera, make sure you have plenty of ram to process all the pixels and calculations. Also make sure your MCU can process the type of data coming from the camera chip IE 24-bit color data, SPI, I2C, and any other data processing features that may be required.

I can think of a handful of microcontrollers that would be capable of this kind of function, but it all depends on what features it needs.