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Title: Warning !!! Active Robots and Roboteq
Post by: pik26 on April 03, 2013, 02:00:01 PM
I warn all buyers at Active Robots against dishonesty of this company.  ::)
They sold me a broken motor controller. Two months was in the process of recognizing the complaint.
It was only the European Centre for Consumer assistance has allowed me to send the items back.
Then he waited three months for various reasons, the diagnosis of the problem.
Then they sent the driver to the manufacturer's Roboteq. Roboteq service engineer said that the product is good. Unfortunately service engineer Roboteq got amnesia and forgot what exactly did ​​him re-work it.
Service does not want to write any protocol service.
In my opinion, was a mistake in the firmware. They just loaded it again but do not wish to admit this.
Active Robots now wants £ 250.70 for his the dubious service, it is almost half the price of purchase.
 All you can meet such treatment on the part of Active Robots, so Consider twice as before buying any parts at the firm.  :'(