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Title: [advertisement] New Switches and Mounts - starting @ $1.79
Post by: ServoCity on December 31, 2013, 04:06:07 PM
Brand New SPDT Miniature Snap-Action Micro Switches - $1.79 / each (

Check out our new micro switches! These awesome little units are perfect to use in conjunction with our Actobotics™ components. Four different styles (standard, lever, offset lever & roller lever) to cover just about any need you have whether you’re building a slider, a 3D printer or some killer robot. Make sure to look at our new mounts that work great with all these switches!
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Shown below attached to Actobotics™ aluminum channel (http://"")  What is Actobotics? (

Brand New Micro Switch Mounts - $1.79 / 2 pack (

Need to add a switch to your cool Actobotics creation? No problem with our new switch mounts. Simply purchase a couple of our micro switches and choose between three different switch mounts (A, B, or C). The mounts are slotted to get the position you need just right. Sold in pairs.

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