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Title: Blackfin - whacked the firmware? instructions to fix it
Post by: Admin on December 15, 2009, 09:58:19 PM
I accidentally whacked the firmware on my Blackfin. I installed the .ldr with a 2500kbps baud rate, instead of the correct 115.2kbps .ldr.

Took me a day to figure it out, so here are the instructions for whoever has the same problem. Note that these instructions are only good if you don't use the wifi thingy with your Blackfin.

1.  Download a special 115kbps version of SRV-1 firmware from here -

2. Download and run (
Load the recovery file

3. Remove jumper on 7/8, then power up Blackfin

4. Run UART Boot, uncheck 'Evaluate CTS'
click 'Test Port'
short pins 1/2
Click Autobaud
click Send DXE
wait until you see 'done'

5. Put jumper back onto 7/8, close UART Boot

6. Open up terminal program, type X
wait for CCCC, then do XModem
transfer correct ldr file
Wait until done, type zZ
(it should give confirmation)

7. Power cycle Blackfin
it should output new version info