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So in september my final year starts into the foray of mechatronics engineering which i am doing. I gotta say my practical robot building practice is very very beginner level and a final year project is getting harder for me to decide and so i needed some fresh ideas out of some cool people here in the most active robotics forum on the web i hae seen. I have already come up initially with this idea:

A Robot That Balances on a Ball

I need to brainstorm and discuss this with someone before confirming on this project and robot fabrication i am a begineer in that so plzzz help me out folks.... Anything that comes up on you guys mind of what would be needed from mechanics, electronics and code to build this bot plz write in here, it will be of great help for me or if you guys knows any thread related to such a bot plz lemme know here.

I start from here:

The basic mechanical concept is that it balances on an 3 omni wheels positioned at 45 degree angle that are in continous motion to counter balance the bot from falling off. The DOF on it cannot be defined and so it is categorized as a non equilibrium state bot which makes it very flexible in motion control and at the same time very hard to code it... any ideas on it are welcome..

Thanks a lot guys.... and hope its not too much to ask.

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The ball-riding robot they built rides on a 3.6 Kg rubber-coated bowling ball, which is driven by three omnidirectional wheels with stepper motors. The robot is about half meter high and weighs 7.5 kg.

The robot's control system runs on a 16-bit microcontroller, which receives data from two sets of Analog Devices gyroscopes and accelerometers.

The robot was named BallIP, short for Ball Inverted Pendulum.

BallIP-PSR / new Ball Drive using Partially Sliding Roller / IROS2010
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