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FPU Board
« on: August 30, 2009, 05:37:12 PM »
I'm going to start playing around with the uM FPU (18-pin DIP) and connect it to my Axon so I can do some trig, etc..  I'm looking for ideas on what to actually do with the chip when its on the robot.  I got an 18-pin DIP solder tail to solder on to something, I'm trying to figure out what that something is.  I'm picturing something like a breakout board, but with a few headers connected to the pins that I need so I can connect jumper wires from the Axon to the fpu. I haven't found anything like this available, so I'm assuming I'll need to just get some breadboard and cut it down as far as I can and then just use wires to connect fpu chip pins to headers on the board.  I'm putting some extra thought into this because space is limited, weight is always an issue, and I want to see what's out there.





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