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Hi. Does no one know how I can find out the range of motion of the 805BB servo or any other servo? It would be really bad if it were just 45 or 90 degrees since I intend to gear it up. Thanks a lot.

I assure you it is 180 degrees.

Hi. Well I sent an e-mail to servocity and turns out it is 90 degrees. The thing that is puzzling me though is the HS-805BB 5:1 Gearbox . It looks too good to be true since they claim it can raise the torque without affecting the operating angle by bypassing the internal potentiometer of the servo motor. Is this possible?! I thought the Servo was mechanically restricted by its internal potentiometer, not just by its signal. Does this mean that I'll have to open it up and change things around? Please Please help. Thanks a lot.

Nichola V. Abdo

Hmmm I guess I was wrong then . . .  :-X

I am shocked they replied to your email, they always ignore me . . .

So I didnt read the description until now, and I am as confused as you are about it. I dont see how it is possible without modifying the servo in some way . . . call them up and let us know  ;D

Well they barely replied! They answered in short sentences and didn't asnwer all the questions. I also asked Hitec and their reply was worse! Anyways, I sent Servocity asking about the gearbox. I hope that'll do me any good. The thing is I live in Jordan and I'm not sure whether there is a holiday in the states now because of Easter or not so I'm not sure if they'll reply before it's too late. As for calling them up, I fear that I won't be able to communicate well with them or get a clear answer for my inquiry over the phone.  :'(


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