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Anyone Use Power Saver Features?

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do you have any docs on said bot?

i'm afraid not.
documenting it has been on my "to do list" for quite some time but building my next bot always seems to get priority....
if/when i get round to it i'll post a link here.

digging through some pictures all i can find is a horrible low res one on my phone:
it was taken before i added the power charging docking thing to the front.

you can see the camera on it's pan/tilt servos at the top.
the camera uses a separate video transmitter. one of these in fact:
the receiver is connected to the controlling PCs TV card.

control of the bot is via a pair of these:
one connected to a pic micro on the bot and the other connected (via a max232 driver chip) to a PC serial port.
the PC is running the web server that has the controll interface. when a button is clicked a string of controll characters is sent to the bot. the bot replies with flow controll info as well as any requested information such as battery voltage or temperature.

i'm using microchip PICs as the onboard controllers. i designed everything in a modular fashion. 1 pic handles the serial communication with the PC and issues instructions to the other pics via an i2c bus. (possibly a little over complicated but i wanted an i2c experiment any way.)

i'm using modified servos as drive motors. 1 more servo for steering and 2 mini servos to pan and tilt the camera.
the 3 wheel design allows for an impressive turning circle.

it was a great learning experience and my first real robotics project.
overall i'm pleased with how well it works.
the main draw back is the slight time delay induced by an internet controlled device. when people click a button it is typically 2 or 3 seconds before they see the image start to move.
my next robot project will try to solve some of these usability issues.


Wicked, that looks and sounds pretty impressive for a first project! I've been meaning to start my own*serious* project for some time...Its just that I have to put uni first - and since I always put uni off until the last moment... Yeh, u get the picture  :-[


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