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Anyone Use Power Saver Features?

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I'm just trying to think up a few thing to add later on. I'll probably just continue to use the breadboad until I've actually finished the legs, as well as added the ir sensors.

BTW, what AutoCAD program do you use? I'll probably try to make some better designs for me to follow. I can use 3DSMax, which will work fairly good for this, but its a pain to get the mesurments right.

I use AutoCAD 3D Inventor.

Inventor is GREAT for prototyping...

If you're looking for some good open (free) programs for your projects try www.sourceforge.net and www.freshmeat.net, the also have good packages like SciLab for system modelling. Best of all they are free and you are free to change the program however you see fit...

I tired FreeCAD from Source Forge, but I didn't like it. I decided to use 3DSMax for my modeling.

i have a remote controll bot that you controll via a web brouser.
the idea being people at work can drive round my office, generally crash into things, display rude messages on the LCD, while viewing the environment from an onboard webcam.
during periods of inactivity i wanted as many systems to power down as possible as the bot often gets abandoned away from it's charger.

the main battery pack runs at 12v (10 x NiMh AA cells). any devices using the full 12v (on this particular bot, only the camera and transmitter) would power down after a set period of inactivity. mosfets are perfect for this.

for the lower voltages onboard, make sure you are using a switching regulator. these drop the voltage by switching the supply on and off, then smoothing out the output rather than the far more wastefull linear regulators that convert the excess power into heat.

for any 5v systems i wanted to power down i used the enable pin on a separate voltage regulator, cutting the power at source. (can't remember the regulator i am using at the moment. it's a 6 pin chip and needs an inductor and capacitor to function. it draws virtually no current when the enable pin is high. to switch it on you send the enable pin low.)
i switch off power to the servos as well. servos burn a lot of power even when not moving. the disadvantage to powering them down is that they no longer "hold" position.

the only systems that are left on during this low power state are the radio receiver and a pic micro to detect an incoming signal so it can switch on and off of the various devices.
the bot happily survives about 2 days away from it's charger on 10 x NiMh AA cells.



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