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Room mapping system, Any suggestions?

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Yea, Sharp IR.

I'll probably look into the digital compass later. I under stand what you mean, but I kinda need to get the basics out of the way...

The reason for the mapping system, is so that my bot can be fully autonomous. having beacons would greatly limit it's ability to move where it wants. Once I finalize my variable mapping system, all of it's mapping data will be stored in the EEPROM (doesn't erase when power is gone). Once I have that done, I should be able to tell the bot to go anywhere I want, via a wireless link.

possible implementations for mapping system
Moving object x to room x (coke?)
Mobile camera, giving me real-time images of what's going on in my apartment at any time
Notify person x in room x, via built in speaker.

Plus, a computer generated image of my room sound uber cool to me :p


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