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Wireless control question, audio/video exchange
« on: October 17, 2011, 06:41:00 AM »
Hello, so I more or less completed a prototype body for my robot that can now walk (not very precise or fast, but still). Just a bit of background: it has AXON2 controller, with a bluetooth card connected to it (UART2) at 9600 baudrate, and 18 servos. I send bytes from MATLAB that execute particular controller-programmer routines. E.g. I reprogrammed walking routine and I just send 's06' and that does "smooth walk" in "zero direction " (which is between legs 1 and 6) and 6 is the speed .

Now I'm thinking about getting some sensors to make further progress. Maybe an "ultrasonic sensor" and a microphone (to use voice control). But the thing is I want the data to be processed by MATLAB on my computer, rather than on the controller. It's just easier for me. Is bluetooth enough to send this kind of signal to the computer? I think I can change it to 115.2kbps baudrate.

Another question, what would be the best way to have a camera to this kind of robot(I thinking for later)? There seem to be a UART camera sensor :

Or any other suggestions? Thanks
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