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Hello everyone, I would like to share few informations with you about Advanced Robotic Systems journal published by InTech Open Access Publisher.

Indexed in the ISI Thomson - SCIE/CURRENT CONTENTS and in all major scientific databases, the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems is a peer-reviewed Open Access journal, published by InTech, which aims to present the latest research in robotics.

First issue: 2004
Periodicity: 4 time per year
Success story: In 2006, upon NASA's request, InTech published a special issue of ARS journal, to which NASA's scientists contributed their scientific achievements regarding the Mars Exploration Rover missions
Other facts: New design in 2011, online only, InTech's first publication, started in Vienna

At the moment the journal has an ongoing call for papers for a special issue that seeks to examine the state-of-art, to present original insights and up-to-date research results in the field of Robot Manipulators. Under the editorial guidance of Dr. Gerasimos Rigatos, the proposed special issue aims at analyzing recent advances in the design and applications of robotic manipulators with particular interest in problems of nonlinear estimation, multi-sensor fusion and control.

If you are interested in contributing to this special issue by submitting your research papers please visit InTech's invitation page:

For previous issues please visit InTechOpen where you can read the journal online for free, like all other InTech's publications (academic journals and books).

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Dont think you'll find much interest here (or anywhere else for that matter).


Important Notice!

The Article Processing Charge (APC) is 590 EUR per paper.

This is not a submission fee!
You will pay the APC only if your paper is accepted for publication.

I, for one, is used to getting paid, whether in cash or a more symbolic gesture (like eg. a bottle of liquid gratitude), rather than paying through my nose, when I do a job and it's the first time I have run into someone thinking that people will pay others to publish their papers (and probably charging the recipients as well).

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