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My Advanced Realistic Humanoid Robot Project

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The Project Goal

I'm planning to build an advanced humanoid robot. Think Ex Machina, The Terminator, Data from Star Trek, etc. I decided to avoid teasing by NOT making it a girl. I'd never live that down. If it was a child, I'd be called a pedo. So that leaves male... So just like Data on Star Trek's creator created Data to look just like him, I'm making mine a mirror image of myself! I want the robot to ultimately move like a human, be able to walk, run, jump, do chores, dance, do sports, have conversations realistically, paint, do sculpture, etc. Hope you enjoy following me on my EPIC journey :)

Robot Features Planned

I plan to start out sculpting the left arm and hand, rigging them up with servo motors, connecting that up to a pc, and getting it to grasp. From there I will develop the torso, the skull, the legs, the feet, and the other arm. The bot will have silicone skin and look realistic and move realistic. It will have artificial lungs for cooling. It will have spandex ligaments and pulley systems to imitate muscles. It will have sensors to feel if it bumps into things and it will have webcam eyes. It will have a speaker in the mouth to speak with and the mouth will move to lipsync what it is saying. It will have facial expressions. It will have advanced artificial intelligence. It will run on battery and/or power cable depending on the situation.

 8) Awesome!  8)
A cooler project, I can not imagine!
I will be following your progress!  Good Luck!!  ;D

I really appreciate that mklrobo!  I saw your profile picture on several posts of the forum and figured you'd see my post and saw the irony that someone with a Data from Star Trek avatar will see my project that is partially inspired by Data!

It is definitely ironic!   ;)
I am glad to see someone else really committed to a project like this; it will take time, and is
not an overnight thing. You really have to love robotics, but also, robotic concepts in overall context.
No matter what you do, as long as your construction info is available, everyone can use something
out of your efforts; That alone, is well worth it.  ;D
       I was trying to start an open source type robot with the Axon II and Axon Mote boards, so anyone who
wanted a personal assistant robot, or related project, could have one, following instructions on the post.
Beginning from scratch, with every question answered, is quite a task. But, it is fun and an investment
in my own skills/career; so, I can justify the effort/money I put into it.  ???
      In relation to Star Trek, the next Generation, I sure hated to see Data destroyed at the end.  :'( He did
give his "life" for others, making the character more Christ like. I know they have to hipe up stories to
get more ratings($), BUT, a lot more could have been done with the character, which is a tribute to the
actor who played Data. (Brent Spiner) I think Data's death truly ended the Next Generation's
movie/serial potential.  :'(  See you around the Forum!   ;D     

 :) Hello!
    The only bad thing about the standalone robots, are the batteries! ALOT of power is demanded
from the servos and electronics. There is hope, though; they have developed (Glenn Beck reported) a
PEN battery, that you can jump your car off with!  :o I have not found such a thing on the internet,
so, it must be a hoax.  :'(  If this battery existed, these could be used to power standalone robots
for at least 8 hours, depending on the physical labor demanded. If you have heard of such
incredible batteries like this, please tell me.  ::)
     I would recommend using a wheelchair for your robot to begin with.(I had planned this myself)
the wheelchair holds the batteries and MCU, while the frame could hold any number of robotic
items you need. All government buildings (and some houses) are already wheelchair accessible.
Good luck!!!   :) :D ;D


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