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Title: Newbie needs help
Post by: Schnuchi on November 03, 2014, 03:50:07 PM
Hey there. Robots have always been a passion of mine, and I've decided to give making 'em a try. The only problem here is that I don't know anything about it. I've decided I should start out with something really easy. As I am a fursuit maker, I want to blend in some robotica in my new fursuit. Everything would be cool : eyes closing, lips moving, nose sniffing. But I think my first project will be moving ears and a wagging tail. And I need your help! Because I have absolutely no clue how I will begin. I could guess I shall need some servo's (as much as 2 for each ear? Kind of depending on the movements I want from it, of course) , a board, processor.. But I really need feedback and advice please. Thank you for your time!
Title: Re: Newbie needs help
Post by: Kohanbash on November 03, 2014, 05:55:52 PM
Welcome to the world of robotics.

This site has a $50 tutorial for building your first robot (
Title: Re: Newbie needs help
Post by: Fr0stAngel on November 08, 2014, 01:47:50 PM
hello, and welcome :)

Your idea seems interesting... I believe it'd be best for you to gain some knowledge on simple sensors and actuators that you can used. A good starting place is the tutorials here . (
and (

Oh, and for working with fabrics, many people like to work with Arduino Lilypad (

You may find these projects interesting (although none of them use servos :( ) (

Good Luck and Have fun learning