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Wanted: Pioneer P2DX/P3DX robot base


Hi All,

I'm looking to buy a used robot base, either the P2DX or P3DX models from MobileRobots.  This is for a new robot club, we will be using the base as a starting point for a few projects.  If anybody knows of one of these for sale (used) I'd love to hear about it.  Thanks.

Tom B.

try ebay

you can probably get a Nomad Scout robot for cheap

there is tons of source code for them on the web

Haven't looked at a Nomad scout before.  Will check it out.

Does anybody know if it will carry a payload of 40 pounds (in addition to body).  That's our minimum.


at what velocity? on tile surfaces?

The Scout can handle at least 20 pounds totally unphased.

I seem to remember someone sitting on it and then driving it around by remote control, but Im sure that would quickly burn out the motors . . .


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