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For Sale: Freeduino/Arduino mega kit


For sale is my freeduino pre-release board, complete and ready to go.  100% compatible with Arduino diecimila
hardware, software, plans, etc.

Freeduino board with atmega168 and the arduino bootloader installed

It's a limited edition pre-release, this is the board they made to make sure everything was golden before they ramped up into full scale release production.  It's also got the TX and RX pin labels swapped (the pin locations are the same, it's just the white text that got swapped).  I actually looked specifically for this, I like things that are fully funcitonal but have minor quirks.  It's hardly used, and comes with the following (and an approximate value to give you an idea of what you are getting)

Prices are what I paid, you can get them cheaper, but factor in shipping + tax, etc.  Price overall is negotiable

* Freeduino pre release v1.16 ($35.00)
* USB cable (A-B, about 3 feet long?  $10)
* Solderless breadboard- either barely used with groundplate or brand new without (still in packaging).  830 tie point.  ($6-10)
* Brand new jumper kit for solderless breadboard 14 lengths x 10 pieces each = 140 jumpers ($6)
* 2 Hitec HS-311 servos (the ones used in the modifying servos tutorial here, coincidentally).  Hardly used, but the casings are roughed up quite a bit.  Barely any use on the motors/gears (no loads bigger than 15 grams, about 20 minutes of use over 3 projects).  ($25 new, $10 current condition)
* A small handful of ICs... probably 5-7 of them.  A quad op-amp (great for driving SMALL motors... or actual audio use), 555 timer(s), and more.  $5-10.  I'll tell you what I have, and you can tell me what you want...
* 2 potentiometers- 1k and 10k...  ($4)  10k has 22guage solid core leads already soldered on  1k is new in box
* A bunch of LEDs, 7 segment displays, resistors up to 1 watt strength, and maybe more (have lots of stuff, zeners, transistors, caps, etc) (at least $10 worth of stuff, maybe more, depends on what mood I am in ;)
* 2 or 3 brand new pager motors ($5)
Overall you're looking at about $80-$100+ worth of stuff.  I'll let it go for $65, including shipping fees and paypal fees.  Price is negotiable, but please keep it reasonable.  I have 5 more people to buy gifts for, this isn't personal spending cash I am going for

The reason I am selling?  I am an engineering student, I can make my own boards for cheaper, and I have no money for the holidays.  Once again engineering student (no cash, hardly enough time to work for any money).

Because I am a third year engineering student:
I know what I am doing, and will guarantee personally that everything is in top notch condition

I can't afford new things, so I take care of what I have.  This includes the stuff listed.

Note on the servos:  They are currently attached to each other, I can un-attach them if you prefer.  There are holes in teh cases, so they will be more prone to dirt.  The internals are in great condition though.

Pics are the first few at


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