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$50 dollar bot board
« on: October 15, 2011, 10:43:49 PM »
Hi my name is josh and I am new to the world of robotics. I think I may have fried my atmega328p, when i hooked the battery up for the first time I reversed the ground and hot wires while connecting them to the battery terminal on the board. I have done extensive testing on the board to ensure that nothing is connected that shouldn't be. When I hook up to avr studio 5 via the mskII programmer I am able to detect the voltage that my mcu is receiving(4.0-4.1v) but it will not detect my mcu. Upon testing I found that with the mcu inserted my ground and my 5v out are connected some how, not sure if this suppose to be that way due to the mcu I also noticed that pin 2 and 6 on my programming terminal are connected due to this as well, but upon removal of the mcu they are no longer connected. Also I found something that seemed to be conflicting with the wiring diagram provided by the Admin and the wiring diagram on the form, does pin 6 on the mcu need to be hooked up to the ground? Any ways I am a little tight on cash on the moment but I do plan on ordering the axon2 as soon as I can show my wife how cool this stuff is and "convince" her into going along with it. Also if anyone has a breadboard layout that they would be willing to share I would be very grateful, my soldering is not very good and if the mcu turns out to not be the problem then I will be starting from scratch.
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