Author Topic: [i]C Programming Language[/i] , 2nd edition... A good book for robotics program?  (Read 3422 times)

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Admin mentions the book The C Programming Language , 2nd editon in his list of books ( ) What I wanna know is if its good for robotics programming or is it more focused on computer programming? Has anyone read it?
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If you learn C for computer programming, you'll also understand C for robotics programming.
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A very good introduction book to c & robotics with ATMEL microcontrollers is "C Programming for Microcontrollers" by  Joe Pardue. Because there are some questions only related to microcontrollers and the microcontroller model you choose.

But I think it's better to learn C with a PC, it's easier and you can focus on the language.

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I learned C++ from books and classes. I found moving on to C and programming robots was very intuitive after that, didn't really need a book or anything. Source code was enough to self learn.


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