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Recommended Algorithm
« on: May 09, 2012, 08:45:24 PM »
Hello everyone,

Using the Lego RCX kit (I get touch, light and rotation sensors),  I have to navigate three rooms and locate 10 multicolored (not white or black) victims along the way.  I am trying to figure out what the  best program is.  Here are descriptions of each room

Room 1:  Pretty simple, white surface with black line, victims placed along the line

Room 2:  White surface with broken black line, victims placed along the broken lie

Transition from Room 2 to Room 3:  Where it gets tricky, area with black surface no line, right turn that brings you to an inclined plane with white surface , victims randomly placed

Room 3:  Room with white surface, victims randomly placed in the room

Here is what I've conjured up so far.  Two light sensors on the front to follow line and locate victims.  Once line following sequence is done the two touch sensors on the front with bumpers will hit a wall and the robot will back up for x amount of seconds and turn right (ALL RIGHT TURNS). 

A Few Issues and Questions
With the algorithm I listed above I will not be able to locate victims in the room above the ramp if there in the middle of the room because it will perform a scanning around the border of the room.
How will the robot behave when it reaches the black surface if its been following a black line for the past two rooms?
Am I missing a component that will cause me failure?
Do you have any suggestions on how the algorithm could be better or a completely different one that would work better?



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