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polar bear6:
hey, i recently bought a microcontroller programmer, its similar too this one but not the same http://www.appsofttech.com/products/mcu/pic/images/pic17.gif

it has the things where you put the microcontroller chip thingy (the green things) but it looks a little diffrent.
bur now to the problem, i don't have any microcontrollers.
and since i like DIY (do it yourself, i found out what DIY meant yesterday :D, i live in Norway), i began to wonder if there was any microcontrollers in like old electronics.
i have found some neat IC's in old computers, but i don't know if they are programable.
so, anyone know if there are any easily accessable microcontrollers in electronics?
i can get most sort of electronics junk since i live close to a shop that steals stuff from the junkyard :D

You might have some luck and get some programmable chips (like PIC) from big companies that give away free samples for educational purposes. You can order from www.elfa.se for example. I think that they ship to Norway also. The page is in swedish, but I think it will make sense to you.

The chips are actually fairly cheap. Not more than a few dollars.  :P

You wont be able to get them out of electronics cause they dont have the package design you need . . . meaning the programmer you bought requires the pins to go in those green thingies, but the pins on old electronics mc's are tiny things with a very different design.

polar bear6:
what kind of electronics have the other type of programable microcontrollers?
my friend has like a programing thingy that can program that kind, i think.

you are talking about this type now right?

thanks for the help  :)

polar bear6:
i found another type of microcontroller:


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