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Infrared <--> bluetooth conversion circuit


Howdy folks,

I'm writing to find out if anyone could help me in understanding what is involved in designing a IR to Bluetooth signal converter(?).

 It is for a Bluetooth robot communications system using the infamous Lego RCX bricks. As there is a lack of any comms ports on the actual RCX, the IR port needs to be used (connecting straight to the H8 microcontroller is not allowed). Are there any generic type circuitry/components for this purpose? Any good resources?

The lego bricks will be running BrickOS (available from www.sourceforge.net).

This is for a friends' Honours project and they need a hand.

Thanks so much for your help!

Hmmm I guess the first step is to understand what signals each device outputs/recieves. I mean, how are the packets organized n stuff? Frequency too?

If they are exactly the same, all you need to do is attach the signal line from a hacked blue tooth reciever to your own easy to make IR emitter.

But I doubt the signals are the same, so you will need something to process them in between both . . .

Thanks for that, I'm looking into it at the moment


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