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First personal project.

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--- Quote ---Looks goood
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Gertlex, Thanks but I'll be the first to admit my Mule is all ghetto at this stage, and it changes daily.



--- Quote from: Tommy on October 12, 2010, 04:55:58 AM ---Without having any snow removal by plow experience I figure I should make my own snow plow for the Mule.
that way I could make changes cheaper and faster.

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It sure seems quite a bit shorter than I figured it, but that apart, for a snow plow, you need to slant/angle the blade to get the snow out of the way, or it will just pile up a wall in front of it an not be able to go any further.
Alternatively, a wedge shape can be used (and will help it go straight, but it's only really useable if you plan to run only single tracks. For clearing more than the width of the showel, a slanted design works better.

For proof of concept, an all plywood approach is fine, but a bit of metal underneath it will make it last longer.

Here's some inspiration:

An alternative "showel"

Soeren, Sweet links. much to learn from them.

1) Slanted blade the way to go(as seen in first link).
2) Picking up snow may not be best(as seen in second link).
3) Using current tech in wheel tread is way to go(as seen in first two links).
4) Gyro drift could be a tool for programing(as seen in second link)
5) Wide angle lens for cameras, while not used in first link can see how it would help.

This week I hope to change out the rear casters for a bigger single casters(for testing), get started on the body cover(umbrella, very ghetto), and Also hope to have the test plow made.

--- Quote ---For proof of concept, an all plywood approach is fine, but a bit of metal underneath it will make it last longer.
--- End quote ---
The design I pulled out of my..., has three 1/2" steel rods bent in the shape of a ski (left,right and center) as a way to keep
the wear surface for being damaged from sharp transitions (like uneven sidewalk tiles) . but unlike most of the links you supplied
I'm thinking of at least giving not lifting the plow a chance(fixed spring loaded), with zero deg. turns I think I may be able
to pull it off.


With 10" single caster and start of umbrella(1/4" plywood frame, waterproof nylon cover).


Bad week for my Mule, good week for my boss.

Got nothing completed this week, and had storm come through that could have dumped
some snow on my lap(funny, I'm now looking forward to snow?). while at the hardware
store looking at better casters(10" ones I installed are crap), I seen some 30Ah batteries
half the size of my current batteries yet weighed 2/3 as much, thinking I could get more
weight over the drive wheels(as much as possible) with four smaller batteries then two
larger ones.

went with 12" caster for rear of Mule, and much better quality(cost three times as much)
after playing with this project these last few months I thinking I'm going to have to adjust
the budget.

I did get the yellow flashing light installed(all snow plows seem to have them), I got an LED
model that I had to tone down(too bright).

PS: Last week Mule sat out exposed to the environment, had high wind(60Mph gusts) and rain storm
with no water damage(Sweet!).



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