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Articulated Robot Question


Does a cylindrical robot with 2 vertical rotary joints (one on base, one on arm) make it articulated?
If so, when I remove one rotary joint (base or arm), does that make it non articulated?

  ;D  Hello!

     I would assume 2 or more joints, or degrees of freedom, would constitute
an articulated robot. Mousetraps are considered to be a type of "robot" to
some definitions, but I would not call it a robot.
    If the robot is a moving base or arm, but has no intelligence with the
function it is performing, then that would be a sad robot.  :'(
    Google 's Alexa has no arms, but can do alot of work. In this sense, if you could make a
body for Alexa, to respond to physical commands coupled with the original
intelligence, you will have a interesting robot!  ;)

    Anyway, good luck on whatever you are working on!!  ;D

 see you same robot channel, same robot time!  8) excelsior!  8)

 :) Hello!

     To add to the discussion;

    If you remember, the HERO robot came out in 1984, and was one of the most
loved robots of all time.  :-*  It did have wheel drive, movable guide wheel, and an
"articulated" arm.
   the HERO Jr. was the second most popular, but only had drive wheels
and a guide wheel.

   So, there you have it!  ;D Functionality and cleverness of the device makes the
   Depending on your function, it could be the best robot in the world, who knows?  ???

see you same robot channel, same robot time!1  8) excelsior!   8)


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