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I’ve been reading through your (admin) articles lately, and I must say I’m rather impressed. You’ve done a fairly good job from what I can tell. I especially like the humor you’ve injected along the way (especially the funding article).

I’m a bit curious now though. Care to shed some light as to why you got into robotics and why you started the site?

Hmmmm robots have always inspired me . . . they are just cool and fun . . . grown up legos I call them. Ive wanted to build robots since like 3rd grade . . . but I never had any outside influence to help me or teach me. I fiddled with electronics a little but never really made anything interesting. So I never built my first robot till sophomore year in college, when a prof offered me money to build my first. I chose Carnegie Mellon cause I knew they have a big robotics program. I went around my campus asking everyone I could find on help with it . . . my first robot turned out to be a failure, but I learned a lot trying to make it. After that robot, I figured out how to get funding, and I knew enough about robots after the first to try again. After your first, it gets much easier, so I just kept making them cause the funding just kept coming in. I also had that economic incentive that robots are the future, and knowing how to build a robot could make me a lot of money after I graduated.

So why did I make the site? Well, I realized that a lot of people like robots. And a lot want to build robots. But most never do cause they say things like 'I dont know where to start and I dont know anything about them.' Well, my site was basically designed so no one can any longer have that excuse. When I was making robots, there was no online resource for robots. No robot forums, no help sites, nothing. I had to figure out all this through mistakes and experimenting and really long boring books. So I wanted a one stop place for everyone to learn. Plus the tiny ad profit I make from the site pays for server costs and helps pay for my addiction to traveling around the world  :P

And as for the humor, people learn much better when the material is made in a fun way  :)

O and just so people know, I have only been making robots for about 4 years now, so using my site you can get as good as me in at most 4 as well  8)


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