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Title: need help in this circuit ...
Post by: Dagash on March 14, 2011, 05:16:06 PM
i am working now in model of robot soccer and i covered most thing in this stage .. but i have some question and i hope i got help from you .

each team have 4 players ( 3 + 1 goalkeeper )  , i will explain what my plant :

    * components for one player and its attachment : -

- 2 microcontroller for 2 embadded system  ( one for communication and computer process and another for driving and process recieving commands ) .

- 2 dc motors ( now i need help in what the best type for high speed as 3 m/s as maximmum  also what size of wheels)

- L293 ( driving circuit ) : from PWM we get an output which apllied to the motor and motor will rotate to the suitable direction ( direct or reverse way )

- 2 batteries : one for driving tasks and another for suppling embadded system . sure computer have not supply from battary :)

- receiver and transmitter ( radio ) : i think i should have 2 work frequency ( one for each team to avoid interference ) , i see this product from telecontrolli are suitable , give us some frequency levels .

transmitter link : (
reciever link : (

- i am using RS-232c for communication protocol to being capable to using UART to manage and configurate the communication in microcontroller .


my problems are

 - i didnt have any background about computer vision also what computer vision software is suitable ..?

 - in dribbling and kicking mechanizm i will use a solenoid for thet but i need more idea here .

 - is there any simulator for these applications ?

 - is there any risk when i use PWM directly to produced the output for servo ? is there any diode to protection ?

 - how can i achieve driving tasks with low less of power ? i think we had a big issue here .

- what camera model is suitable for this application ..?

i have a good experience in C langauge so i decide to work with PIC family , or if PICAXE give me a good features ill ready to work with it . Also now i am working in outlines and guidlines for the player function ( dribbling , passing , scoring and several possioning in the field ) .
Title: Re: need help in this circuit ...
Post by: Dagash on March 19, 2011, 04:39:29 PM
what is the suitable software for computer vision ... ??