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Hi guys,

Just wanted to make you all aware of a new project, and gather your ideas.
The project is called Real Robots Live and will make it possible to log onto a live robot over the internet and drive it around a remote arena.
You'll have full control over the robot via the software and will be able to see the camera images that stream from the robot's perspective. It's a high res, low latency feed on the robots and around the arena.
Lots of these robots will be playing in the same arena - a real life online multiplayer game!
We want robots to be able to construct structures, destroy them using weapons and interact with the arena (opening doors).
Once online, we want to setup RealRobotsLiveTV so everyone can watch live events.

This is a call for ideas. This is a game with the real world as it's engine. What would you like to see in this?

Check out our videos: website
Follow us on twitter and

In 2-3 months we are aiming to crowdfund the project.


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 8) Cool!   8)
Sounds like fun!
Here's an idea, related...... ???
In the most remote corners of the engineering world, at remote sites that are hard
to get to, is a need for a remote robot repairer.(?) I have some remote sites that could(?)
be repaired by a robot that could be controlled. Most repair is modular anyway, with the
tweeking and tuning done with a software program.(calibration) This idea might be a way to
divine industrial money into your system, since you have the infrastructure. Just a thought... ;D ;D


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mklrobot, that's a really interesting thought. We're doing a similar thing with and will probably look at expanding into more industrial applications of FPV robotics.

The costs involved in infrastructure inspection could be significantly decreased through the use of FPV robotics, and even moreso by implementing a computer vision algorithm to detect damage.