Author Topic: Colorado School of Mines vs. WPI for Masters of Science in Robotics  (Read 2413 times)

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I got in Colorado school of mines and WPI for MS in robotics. However, I am not sure which program to pick. CSM is better ranked and has good research going on, while WPI also has many great projects going, and labs specifically for autonomous robots and artificial intelligence. WPI also has close relation with Carnegie Mellon and MIT and collaborates on various projects. I believe WPI was also the first to give a degree in the field in robotics.

Any suggestions would be helpful! If people have insight into chances of funding at any of these schools then that will be of great help too!


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 ;D Hello!
In reference to your choices, I would look into targets that interest you, but also provide
a career.
Anyone involved with MIT projects seem to have fortune favor them.(Having a golden parachute is always desirable  ;D). I believe robotics is the next great technology that is going to sweep/excite the world.(kind of like amateur radio did, long time ago) Jobs are available, as well as military/medical interests.
Whatever choice you make, I hope you are successful! Good Luck!!!   :) :D ;D