Author Topic: MS in robotics or MS in mechanical engineering with robotics concentration ?  (Read 3127 times)

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Hello Everyone,

I’m planning to pursue grad school next year. I have bachelors in mechanical engineering and currently working as an entry level manufacturing engineer at an aerospace company. I like electronics, programming and have a general interest on electromechanical stuff, so I am thinking about pursuing robotics for grad school. Oregon State University is one of my choices. Now I have the following questions for you guys:

1.   Should I get masters in robotics or should I get masters in mechanical engineering with robotics concentration?Which will make me more valuable to employees? Will it make a difference in terms of certain jobs/positions and salary?
-   I’m leaning more toward the mechanical engineering MS option with robotics concentration because of the versatility of the degree.

2.   A more general question, is getting masters in robotics worth it considering that the program will cost me 40-50k? What kind of salary range can a masters graduate in robotics expect to earn?

3.   The grad school courses for robotics seem pretty abstract (state-space models, nonlinear control systems, lie algebra etc.)  Overall it seems daunting. When I go to job field, I’m assuming the role will be more practical, focusing more on developing robots/ troubleshooting, am I correct to assume that? I'm a hands on guy, I prefer testing/troubleshooting rather than doing spate-space models. Professional people, please share your robotics engineer experience in the work area if possible.

Please provide your inputs. I will really appreciate it. Thank you :)

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 ;D Hello!
A masters degree is a great goal to work towards. If I were you, I would look into what I wanted to
do; Masters degrees usually specialize in a field. I would scan the job market for the specific job
that I liked, and focus my degree concentration on that. But retain some survivability.
I got an associate degree in electronics and mechanical drafting/design engineering. This gave me
survivability in most manufacturing jobs, specifically aimed at Engineering Technician. Later on,
I thought, I would pursue a higher degree, focused more on what developed in the job market and
my interests. I wanted to go into Robotics, but in my area, people would burn you at the stake for
speaking of it.  :'( ( They feared job security?  ??? ) Anyway, $ is always a concern, so use your
ability to focus on what you want, but be aware of what you need. Good Luck!! ;) :) :D ;D

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if you want to go into industry i would suggest the mechanical degree. I think this would provide more job opportunities where a robotics degree might be more restrictive. If you know that you only want to the type of robotics work that aligns with the subject matter you referenced then by all means go for the robotics degree. however robotics is a wide field and requires all sorts of engineers. also the industry is not that big so robotics jobs are limited compared to other industries/mechanical engineering. If you want the academic life and to do research then the robotics degree might make more sense.

Disclaimer: these are just my opinions, i am a recent masters of mechanical engineering graduate myself