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What do you guys think of that General Learner program?

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Walter Fritz has been a proponent of software AI for many years, and he describes his general learner (GL) program as something that learns the way people do.  He talks about it in length on his robotics site.

There are actual source snippets here:

He doesn't seem to mention much about storage, but I would think that any such program would require a lot of hard drive storage.
He uses a Macintosh Quadra motherboard in his robot!

No one? It would be nice to have a robot controlled by a program actually capable of learning stuff.

See the problem with people who claim to have solved AI is that they have never actually built a working AI  :P

probably why no one replied . . .

Don't know about "solving" AI but I like the idea of his approach. The idea that the robot starts like a "baby" and starts learning step by step. In this case, the robot's brain is connected to the microcontrollers and rest of the body, and the robot is given motivation to start learning how to move about until he can actually stand up.

Even a mouse knows how to stand up. We have to be able to program a brain that is at least as smart as a mouse by now!

Many people have made this proposal, and I completely agree with them too.

You may be interested in reading Marvin Minsky's book, was very enlightening for me in AI  :)


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